Increase Your Odds With A Free Get Started Plan

Remember that guidance counselor you had in high school, but probably never used, unless forced to chat? Yeah, that’s us! Your Anytime Fitness owners, managers, and personal trainers, anxiously waiting, hoping to help.

Whether you are just getting started in fitness or coming back from a long hiatus, there are three key things that will help you get to a healthier place, and it’s our mission to provide them for every member, to better ensure your success. Here’s how you take advantage!


We believe you deserve coaching for the price of admission at Anytime Fitness. That’s right: Whether or not you purchase one-on-one personal training sessions or decide you want to join in group training, we want you to be successful. Can you imagine pulling a new bread maker out of the box and discovering the directions are missing? Sure, you could test it out or Google instructions, but who knows what that will yield. Your fitness journey is very similar.

That’s why we’ve developed a way to provide you the “directions” you need to get out of the fitness gate smoothly and headed in the right direction. It’s called a Get Started Plan and involves scheduling a follow-up appointment with your club* right after you join. You’ll be asked to fill out a quick survey to share your hopes, exercise preferences, and more so that we can create a plan just for you! (Existing members, we’re not counting you out; ask your club* if you can get one, too.) It’s completely free—no strings attached—and designed to help you get the most out of your time and effort.


Yes, “assessment” is a scary word. Please don’t let it scare you or evoke evil thoughts of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test you hated back in elementary school! When you meet with your Fitness Coach, come dressed to move, but rest assured, our goal is not to make you super sore on day one or put you through a battery of “tests.” We want to orient you to the club and see you move, to ensure the strength, cardio, flexibility, and nutrition guidance we recommend are right for your body, abilities, and goals. That means we’ll chat and then take you through a few low stress exercises so we can put the final touches on a plan for your first 30 days.


Once your fitness consultation is done and your Get Started Plan is ready, your Coach will walk you through the workout that has been designed for you, and discuss your personal schedule, to establish an actionable plan. The goal is to empower you with a solid workout plan so you know how to do the exercises, what weights to use, how many sets and reps to complete, and even the amount of rest between exercises. And if you have any questions or need reminders after the appointment, please ask!

We hope you’ll use us—our in-club assistance, our expert advice, this blog—everything we’ve got. We have a true desire to get you to a healthier place. Good luck!


*Each Anytime Fitness location is independently owned and operated. Offer valid through 10.16.15 with a minimum 12 month membership at participating locations only. Fitness consultation must occur at the club you join. Duration of the Get Started Play may vary by location. Monthly dues still apply. Terms and conditions may vary based on applicable state laws and regulations. c2015 Anytime Fitness, LLC

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