5 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health

Fitness can help and treat a multitude of things. From managing blood pressure to boosting your energy throughout the day, fitness plays a key role in keeping your body healthy and mobile. While the benefits for the body are endless, the benefits fitness and exercise have on mental health could be the most important of them all.

Fitness looks a little bit different to everyone. In the same respect, different people benefit from different aspects of fitness. For some, their workout is their chance to get away from the stress of everyday life and focus on themselves. For others, fitness is a social activity and they reap the benefits of friendships and camaraderie. In both cases, mental health is getting a boost. An important part of your fitness journey is learning what drives you and keeps you motivated, and oftentimes the mental wellness is the best part! We’re sharing our top five ways fitness promotes mental wellness, read on and find out what made the list.

Mood Boosting

Exercise is a natural mood booster. Simply put, completing a workout just feels great. They give us a sense of satisfaction and give us a major boost in self-esteem. Most people will start to notice their mood improve about 5-10 minutes into moderate exercise, thanks to the endorphins that are released as you work out. By creating consistency in your workout routine and creating healthy exercise habits, our self-esteem – and mood – is lifted.

Fitness Is Fun

Everyone’s relationship with fitness is unique. However, we fundamentally believe there is some form of exercise that will bring joy to everybody! Trying different forms of physical activity can unlock a new world in which exercise fills your cup. While some people love an intense lifting session, others might benefit more from a hike, surrounded by nature. No matter how you choose to move your body, rest assured you’ll reap the mental health benefits.


Depending on what type of exercise you prefer, lots of us enjoy the social aspect of working out. Whether you make a friend at a group fitness class or build a relationship with a coach or personal trainer, fitness often provides connection. Workout buddies and coaches alike can offer accountability while giving you an extra push when you need it! In turn, you may reach your goals faster. Reaching goals and making friendships? Count us in!

Improves Cognitive Function

Consistent exercise can improve your brain function as blood flow is increased, providing the brain with more nutrients. This allows the neurogenesis process to occur at a higher rate. Feeling forgetful? No worries. Exercise can also increase memory function and attention span! Even a 20-minute walk during the workday can have a big impact on your productivity and mental sharpness.

Stress Management

We believe exercise can be considered meditation in motion. Even after some of the longest days, getting a workout in and taking time to focus on your body can help melt away the stress of the day. As your body releases endorphins, stress is reduced – helping you feel more relaxed and in control. Your body also develops greater control over its stress response by working out which can have a big impact on your overall sense of mental wellness.

Nothing makes us happier than when we see lives improve beyond the scale, thanks to building positive relationships with fitness and exercise.

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