Fitness Consultation


Get Started Right

A new membership with Anytime Fitness includes a free fitness consultation to get you started on the right foot.

Know Before You go

What to Expect

An hour session with a trainer

Chat about your health & fitness goals and past workout history

Tour the gym

A brief warm-up

A light workout

A fitness plan for your first 30 days

What to Bring

Tennis shoes
Comfortable clothing for exercise
Water bottle

What to Look Forward To

A friendly gym experience
Helpful, supportive trainers
Useful information on how to succeed
A fresh start to your fitness journey

Fitness Consultation Resources


How to Get The Most Out Of Your Gym Consultation

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Increase Your Odds With A Free Get Started Plan

You deserve coaching for the price of admission. That means direction, assessment & advice, plus a Get Started Plan!


Common Ways People Sabotage Their Fitness Goals

New Fitness goals are hard to tackle, especially when you succumb to these three things.

Fight it!